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Further, they say, "When will this promise (come to pass), if what ye say is true?" They will not (have to) wait for aught but a single Blast: it will seize them while they are yet disputing among themselves! No (chance) will they then have, by will, to dispose (of their affairs), nor to return to their own people! The trumpet shall be sounded, when behold! from the sepulchers (men) will rush forth to their Lord! They will say: "Ah! Woe unto us! Who hath raised us up from our beds of repose?"... (A voice will say:) "This is what the Most Gracious had promised. And true was the word of the messengers!" It will be no more than a single Blast, when lo! they will all be brought up before Us! Then, on that Day, not a soul will be wronged in the least, and ye shall but be repaid the meeds of your past Deeds. *

The Holy Qurán